The MS in Data Science is a 36 credit program.

Required courses total 18 credits, and the remaining 18 credits should be made up of electives. During your last year of study, you will need to complete a capstone project as part of one of your required courses.

Registration Guides:

On November 14, all DS-GA Spring 2017 course offerings, except DS-GA 1001 Introduction to Data Science, will only be open to Data Science students. DS-GA 1001 Introduction to Data Science is a course for non-Data Science students so registration will be open to all NYU students. In the beginning of January, we will open all DS-GA courses to all NYU students so please register for your DS-GA courses as soon as possible.

Registration statuses:

  • Full-time CDS students register for 9 credits. If you need full-time equivalency, please email Kathryn Angeles ( with your N-number when your courses are finalized.
  • Part-time students register for less than 9 credits.
    • Part-time students should consider the time commitment necessary for studying for mid-terms and finals, especially since mid-term exams/projects for most courses tend to take place in the same week in the middle of the semester. This is also true for final exams/projects, which tend to take place in the same week at the end of the semester. These projects and exams contribute heavily to your final grade, so if your schedule is very busy, sometimes it may be wise to take only 1 course/semester.

Please note:

  • Required courses are not currently offered during the summer semesters, but interested students should feel free to enroll in any electives from the pre-approved list on our website that are available. If there is a course that you would like to take that is not on the list, please email Kathryn Angeles at


For a list of courses offered in Spring 2017, visit Albert course search or the CDS course grid page.

Please contact Kathryn Angeles at with any questions regarding registration. For information on how to register for courses offered by other departments, see the CDS Registration Guide for Spring 2017.