Should Children be Taught Computer Science?

As digital technologies become increasingly entrenched into our world, the conversation surrounding when and how to teach computer science is becoming increasingly important.  Should computer science courses be requisite the way that math courses are?  And if so, at what age would we start educating kids about computer science, and in what capacity? To find … Continue reading Should Children be Taught Computer Science?

How is Pokémon Go Collecting Data on its Users?

The release of Pokémon Go—an augmented reality game that has been developed for IOS and Andriod devices— brought with it a rock slide of nostalgia. 20 years after the first Pokémon game was released for Ninendo’s Game Boy, people can finally catch Pokémon against the backdrop of their local environments. But while players are running around, … Continue reading How is Pokémon Go Collecting Data on its Users?

Data and Law Enforcement

Historically, police departments have often been chastised for dragging their feet when it comes to releasing data regarding police officers. As a result, newspapers and public institutions have resorted to keeping independent records when an instance of excessive force is suspected. The Guardian has responded with their visualization, The Counted, and the Washington Post has developed a … Continue reading Data and Law Enforcement

AI Now

Within the world of data science, there is possibly no field that is as misunderstood as the field of artificial intelligence (AI).  Whether it’s Hollywood films depicting AI robots taking over the world, or sensationalized news stories stating that AI will wipeout the entire workforce, there is a lot of misinformation being spread about this promising … Continue reading AI Now