The Rise of A.I. and Machine Learning

Earlier this month, we managed to catch Peter Norvig’s exciting webinar on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, organized by the Association for Computing Machinery. Before Norvig becoming the Director of Research at Google, he led Google’s core search algorithms group, and NASA Ames’ Computational Sciences Division. One of the first questions Norvig addressed was the … Continue reading The Rise of A.I. and Machine Learning

Photography-As-Data: ‘Homestyle’ Political Photographs

Can photography influence politics? At last Wednesday’s Data Science Lunch Seminar Series, Assistant Professor L. Jason Anastasopoulos from the University of Georgia explained how he is using photography-as-data to measure photography’s role in building trust between politicians and their constituents. Take former president Lyndon B. Johnson, for example. Although many regard Johnson as a civil … Continue reading Photography-As-Data: ‘Homestyle’ Political Photographs

Our NLP Community

On November 30, the Center for Data Science hosted NYU’s first Natural Language Processing (NLP) Reception. Led by esteemed professors Sam Bowman and Kyunghyun Cho, and sponsored by the Moore Sloan Data Science partnership and CDS, researchers working with text-as-data came to network with like-minded scholars, present their projects, and exchange ideas at the reception. … Continue reading Our NLP Community

Data in Death: Analyzing The Deaths of Political Leaders

When Fidel Castro passed away on November 25, how many people read his obituary? While the obituaries of political leaders may not be the most exciting texts to peruse, they are integral for researchers at NYU who are exploring how death affects politics. Ralph Grishman, Professor of Computer Science at New York University’s Courant Institution, … Continue reading Data in Death: Analyzing The Deaths of Political Leaders