The NYU Center for Data Science is committed to supporting its graduate students in the pursuit of their interests. We will help them explore career options and create opportunities in order to secure meaningful full-time placement after graduation. We have initiated several efforts to achieve this goal; among them are company information sessions, career fairs, and a professional development series complemented by a  compilation of resources and available staff to support the student population in this effort.

Learn more about what our students do, as well as, where they work before and after graduation!

Who are our students?

Since the Fall of 2013 the NYU CDS has had 289 students, which began with 29 students in the first semester. Our population has grown incrementally over the years!

As the population grows, we have made efforts toward ensuring the diversity of the classes. We have students from countries like China, India, France, Turkey and Venezuela.


Career Preparation: Internships

The NYU Center for Data Science helps students obtain internship opportunities with business partners in and outside the New York area, including some of the world’s largest companies working in data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Some of the companies CDS students have had their internships in are Apple, Amazon, TripAdvisor and Bombora Inc. Most of the students attending the NYU CDS enroll in an internship during the summer.

* The categorization of the type of industry the graduates are working in was done based on the services provided by the company they’re employed by.*

The diversity among the fields the students choose to do their internships in is considerable. The leading industries are first, financial services with companies such as Blackrock, Bombora Inc., and 7-Chord. Technology is also important; with a 16.5 percent of students, some of the companies that can be found in this category are NVIDIA, IBM and Hashtech LLC. The third most preferred industry is related to News or Media, with NBC Universal being the main company.

The following chart presents a visual depiction of the evolution of the industries chosen by the students since the fall of 2016. As it was mentioned, the preferred term to have an internship in the summer; the term that also has a broader diversity of industries, including Health Care companies such as PacificSource Health Plan, Predicine, Inc. Force Therapeutics and Online Shopping mainly on Amazon.

After Graduation

According to the Alumni Survey conducted during 2017, most of the students who have graduated from the CDS are working (95.35 percent) and 4.65 percent decided to continue their studies, which accounts for students who are pursuing a PhD. None of the respondents of the survey were unemployed.

Where do the CDS Graduates Work?

Most of the students who graduated from the MS program at the CDS work in NYC and California.

The students who graduate from the CDS are working in a diversity of fields and positions.  

Most of the graduates are working as Data Scientists or Analysts in companies such as Facebook, IBM, Samsung, Aetna and NBCUniversal Media. 9 percent are Software Engineers in Google Inc, Uber Advance Technologies and AIG followed by an 8.1 percent of Data Analysts and  5.4 percent that are working as Machine Learning Engineers in FactSet, Apple or Amazon.

The industry also varies considerably. There is a predominant number of people working in financial services (17.4 percent) and technology (28.5 percent). Professional Services, Travel Services and Media are the next most common industries chosen by the students.  A 1.7 percent of the students is working in Professional Services, mainly in different departments of NYU such as NYU’s Langone Medical Center, the Universities Department of Environmental Studies or the Law School.

The type of industry has changed significantly over the years. Even though financial services and technology companies are still preferred by the graduates, there is a growing interest in industries related to Education and Social and Environmental Sector. Some of the organizations in this last sector are Wylan Energy, Crime Lab New York, and Civitas Learning.


Post-Graduate Education

Currently, 4 of the graduate students are pursuing a Ph.D. Two of them continued at NYU in Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development and in the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

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