Data Science is revolutionizing the way organizations run their businesses, and more generally, the nature of inquiry across business and society. The speed and scale at which data is being created is staggering, requiring the capability to properly interpret and analyze large datasets. At New York University (NYU), the Center for Data Science (CDS) was established to advance NYU’s goal of creating the country’s leading data science training and research facilities, and arming researchers and professionals with tools to harness the power of big data.

The Center draws faculty from across disciplines and across the university. Indeed, in some fields, such researchers may find that their work fits more naturally at the Center for Data Science than their original reference discipline. The Center’s faculty members and scientists have established experts in the field of data science from across the university. Their research interests include mathematical statistics, computational statistics and machine learning, optimization and large-scale computation, system design for large-scale data science, data visualization and several application areas, such as computational biology, computational economics, or quantitative methods in social science.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of data science and the centrality of real-world data in research, the Center is constantly looking for ways to engage and collaborate with external organizations.

Partners Program Diversity Initiative

“Whatever race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or disability, there is a place at CDS for everyone.”

–Richard Bonneau, Director of CDS

The Center for Data Science (CDS) has set out to build a culture that embraces inclusion and diversity. These ideals are indispensable for advancing innovation and knowledge within the fields of technology, engineering, mathematics, and sciences.  The Diversity Initiative was established to help address the lack of diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups in Data Science.

Through this initiative, our objective to increase diversity in data science will be accomplished through the following: providing scholarships and financial support to students, funding research projects, providing travel funds to disseminate research at conferences and seminars, and hosting seminars to bring data scientists to CDS.

The inclusion of students with differing backgrounds leads to a higher quality of debate and ideas that may not be reached otherwise. Through the Diversity Initiative, you can be a leader in helping make the Center for Data Science excellent through diversity.

We invite you to help us achieve our goal of creating an inclusive and diverse student population. In addition to the benefits that our Partners Program members receive (listed below), our Diversity Partners will also have their logo placed prominently on this page and opportunities to collaborate with our social media team for potential student profiles (though regulations require students to provide permission). Please reach out to Andres Borray at for more information.

The CDS Partners Program Diversity Initiative invites participation in either of five membership categories listed below.  While all partners receive the general benefits, the upper tiers receive preference in terms of the highest attendance information session dates. For partners who donate $200,000 and up, we expect recognition to include features such as online interviews with students who benefited from Diversity Sponsor generosity and other media opportunities should the students opt-in. Donations are recurring on a yearly basis and are tax deductible.


  • Founders Circle Partners make a tax-deductible gift of $1,000,000 and up
  • Directors Circle Partners make a tax-deductible gift of $500,000 and up
  • Leaders Circle Partners make a tax-deductible gift of $200,000 and up
  • Honors Circle Partners make a tax-deductible gift of $100,000 and up
  • Fellows Circle Partners make a tax-deductible gift of any amount between $20,000 and $99,999


Partner Benefits

Recruitment, Community Events, and Research

  • Facilitation by CDS staff to identify and recruit highly-qualified students for internships and permanent positions that fulfill Partners’ needs. An annual Open House/ Recruitment Day (typically in late October) in which NYU CDS facilities are provided for interviewing CDS students. Up to four (4) representatives from each Partner organization can attend free of charge.
  • Partners will receive priority to reserve on a first come, first serve basis over external organizations that have not joined the Partners Program, access to recruitment events, information sessions, and open house days.
  • Internships with Partners will receive priority and CDS staff will help market these opportunities to our students.
  • Up to two (2) Partner representatives will be invited to seminars, conferences, bag lunches, and retreats that are hosted by the CDS. Partners will have custom hosted visits to the Center for Data Science for discussion of research topics and hosted speaker series along with networking events with our world-class researchers. Visits to CDS by Partner employees are welcome on a non interference basis. Visits of more than one day and participation in CDS activities must be arranged in advance, and are subject to standard University Visiting Scientist/Engineer agreements concerning confidentiality, intellectual property and protection of NYU in the event of damage or injury.

Capstone Project

  • Prior to each Fall Semester, Partners will be invited to propose projects for the Capstone Course. Projects submitted by Partners will be offered to students for selection prior to those from organizations that have not joined the Partners Program. Up to two (2) representatives from each Partner organization will be invited to attend a poster session at the end of the semester. Please follow this link to see the project proposal template.
  • Subject to University policies and procedures, representatives from Partner companies may conduct guest lectures for the Capstone course at the discretion of the CDS faculty teaching the course.

Annual Meeting with Partnering Organizations

  • At the subject of the Center for Data Science’s capacity, once per year, we will hold an All Hands Partners Program meeting. During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to: provide feedback on the CDS curriculum (e.g. is this curriculum responsive to industry needs), discuss the Partners program and related recruitment and career placement activities, and interact with fellow Partners Program members and member institutions.


NYU Center for Data Science Partners:  


Founders Circle


















Directors Circle


Leaders Circle


Honors Circle


Fellows Circle


Collaborate with CDS

  • Sponsored Research— NYU CDS and external organizations can develop terms and contractual arrangements to work on research together in an academic setting. Typically sponsored projects have a defined scope of work describing the research and associated budget. If you are interested in establishing a sponsored research collaboration, please reach out to the Program Manager for Outreach and Research Activities, Andres Borray at
  • External Projects— Our students have the opportunity to work on problems provided by external organizations for academic credit via the Capstone Course. This has the benefit of exposing our students to real world applications of data science methodologies, allowing them to work briefly on projects within industries of interest, and providing them an opportunity to refine the skills they’ve learned at CDS. If you’re interested in proposing a project, please take a few minutes to review our Capstone page and fill out the questionnaire. The Capstone course takes place in the fall semester of every year and while we try our best to ensure every project is selected, students and faculty have the final say regarding which projects are chosen. If your project is selected, the students will reach out to your designated mentor at the beginning of the fall semester in September 2018.
  • Information Sessions and Recruitment Events— CDS is constantly looking to host external organizations who are interested in recruiting our data science students. We have had huge success in placement for our students in a number of different industries. For more information regarding the types of industries that our students/ alumni are employed in please see our Employment page here. If you are currently searching for data scientists for your organization, please reach out to Lorraine Nascimento, the Program Administrator at for more information on recruitment.
  • Internships— If your organization has paid or unpaid internships that would allow our students the ability to gain real world experience and use their data science skills, please reach out to Lorraine Nascimento, the Program Administrator at as we would be happy to advertise this to our student body. Please note, only internships of high learning value will be promoted.

Diversity at NYU

New York University embraces diversity at all levels and has set policies and guideline to ensure that the university maintains and continually expands upon these principles in order to ensure a variety of viewpoints and perspectives are embraced. For more information regarding NYU’s policies on diversity, equity, and inclusion and for the full diversity statement, please review the following page.