The Center for Data Science draws faculty from across disciplines and across the university. Their research interests include mathematical statistics, computational statistics, machine learning, natural language processing, optimization, large-scale computation, system design for large-scale data science, data visualization and several application areas, such as computational biology, computational economics, and quantitative methods in social science. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of data science and the centrality of real-world data in research, the Center is constantly looking for ways to engage and collaborate with external organizations.

Our response to this need is the Partners Program. It offers a structured way for external organizations to partner with the university and to establish recruitment pipelines from our Data Science program. Below is a summary of the benefits and donation amounts for each tier, please reach out to Andres Borray at with any questions or concerns:




Below is a description of each benefit


  • Branded Scholarship– We will facilitate the creation of a branded scholarship that will be awarded to a set of outstanding students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Marketing and Brand Awareness– Our social media and marketing team will publish a press release along with a set of social media posts to announce our partnership. Scholarship recipients will be contacted to write short bios which will be published on our social media channels. Please note, due to federal regulations, students have the option to opt-out, however, none have done so in the past.
  • Curated Recruitment– Facilitation by CDS staff to identify and recruit highly-qualified students for internships and permanent positions that fulfill our partners specific needs. Curated resume books (opt-in) will be created and shared with our Leaders Circle partners.
  • CDS Career Fair– Twice per year, CDS hosts a career fair geared toward Data Science students at NYU. Partners will receive a free invitation and first pick in terms of table location. In addition, CDS staff will provide rooms for onsite interviews or meetings between partners and students.
  • Information Session Day– Each partner will receive the benefit of a dedicated day to present to the students the interesting work and problems that are being addressed at their companies. The day will be branded with the partner’s name and can include presentations and social gatherings, offering the opportunity for face to face interaction with students and faculty.
  • Internships– CDS staff will work to establish internship pipelines so our students have the opportunity to work with our partners via summer internships.
  • Community Events– Up to two (4) Partner representatives will be invited to seminars, conferences, bag lunches, and retreats that are hosted by the CDS.
  • Custom Hosted Visits– Partners will have custom hosted visits to the Center for Data Science for discussion of research topics and hosted speaker series along with networking events with our world-class researchers. Visits to CDS by Partner employees are welcome on a non-interference basis. Visits of more than one day and participation in CDS activities must be arranged in advance, and are subject to standard University Visiting Scientist/Engineer agreements concerning confidentiality, intellectual property and protection of NYU in the event of damage or injury.
  • Research Projects- Prior to each Fall Semester, Partners will be invited to propose projects for the Capstone Course. Projects submitted by Partners will be offered to students for selection prior to those from organizations that have not joined the Partners Program. Up to two (2) representatives from each Partner organization will be invited to attend a poster session at the end of the semester. Please follow this link to see the project proposal template.
  • Guest Lectures- Subject to University policies and procedures, representatives from Partner companies may conduct guest lectures for the Capstone course at the discretion of the CDS faculty teaching the course.
  • Jobs Board-  Our partners have the option to provide us with a description of current open positions which will then be shared directly with all CDS data science students.





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