Skytree is the worldʼs most advanced machine learning software. It acts as a machine learning server to allow advanced data mining on large data, e.g., within oneʼs data processing pipeline, or more specialized science project. Skytree’s Alex Gray also
headed the FASTlab group at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The group holds several records for the fastest implementations of well-known machine learning algorithms. Algorithms that otherwise scale as, e.g., N^2, for N objects, are implemented to scale linearly, without loss of accuracy. While each specific use case will remain problem-driven, the underlying tools are not dataset-specific. Thus, the installation of Skytree on the one’s computing infrastructure makes possible the practical use of these algorithms by users who are not data mining specialists. The software quality and robustness renders it suitable for both its primary function: enterprise business use, and publication-quality research.

Moore Sloan Poster