The NYU Center for Data Science is pleased to invite applications for several Research Engineer positions.

New York University has launched a five-year, $37.8 million initiative, collaboration with Berkeley and U. Washington to enable university researchers harness the full potential of the data-rich world that pervades all fields of science and discovery. This partnership, funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, will spur collaborations within and across the three campuses and other partners pursuing similar goals for data-intensive science.

We are looking for talented researchers and developers that are passionate about creating tools and infrastructure to support data science activities. Candidates will lead the development of open source software for data science, similar to IPython, scikit-learn, D3, GraphLab, VisTrails, and UV-CDAT. Candidates will work with like-minded and very talented students, research scientists, and faculty to build tools that will transform and streamline scientific discovery (including the development of tools that improve the reproducibility of scientific results).

Strong candidates will have a degree in Computer Science or related technical fields, strong programming background (including knowledge of C++, Python, Javascript, R, CUDA), and experience in software development methodology and tools. We are more interested in people’s capabilities than in their particular domain area.

Appointments will be initially for two years, with expected renewals under a rolling contract. Funding for these positions from the Moore-Sloan Foundations is for five years. However, as part of NYU’s long-term commitment to data science, we are seeking avenues to make the positions permanent.

Applicants should send a curriculum vitae, a brief statement of interests and relevant experience (no longer than 2 pages) to, and also arrange to have three letters of recommendation sent to us. Links to contributions to open source scientific tools are particularly encouraged (include link to tool, GitHub, etc). More information about CDS can be found at For specific questions about the position or application requirements contact


  • Contribute, as part of a team, to significant data science software projects using appropriate technologies in large-scale data management (e.g., Hadoop and contemporaries, parallel databases, cloud services), and/or machine learning and statistics, and/or interactive visualization and specialized data presentation interfaces.
  • Work to release software and results open source, help ensure scientific reproducibility of all results, and contribute to a “culture of reproducibility” across campus.
  • Review and evaluate potential projects for technical merit and feasibility.
  • Organize and conduct workshops and training events for scientists and engineers in data science techniques and technologies.
  • Meet with potential collaborators to clarify goals, identify collaboration opportunities and recommend solutions.
  • Advance long-term collaborations with established partners through joint research engagements.
  • May publish results in appropriate venues, preferably jointly with collaborators outside the candidate’s own area of expertise.
  • Prepare and deliver presentations on significant results, both internally and externally, representing the NYU CDS as well as specific projects.
  • Participate in CDS sponsor reporting and annual retreat activities.
  • Develop web materials communicating significant results, best practices and case studies with specific technologies, and documentation for significant software.
  • Help advance a reputation outside of NYU for excellence in data science methods and practice, contributing to the Institute’s overall portfolio of successful projects.