September 14, 2015

TEK Systems Comes to CDS

Last Friday, NYU’s Center for Data Science welcomed two companies, TEK systems, and Medidata Solutions to the first weekly set of career information sessions. These sessions give students networking opportunities to find how their Data Science coursework and internships are applicable in various careers.

Tek Systems kicked off our first information session of the semester with a presentation on consulting paths in the field of data science. Whereas consulting in other fields translates to inconsistent hours and gaps of employment, Tek Solutions showed how their consulting opportunities offer consistent employment, health benefits, and full-time tax status. Tek Systems pairs qualified candidates with companies looking to fill data scientist roles. Positions last anywhere from a year and a half to three years, most with the option to extend to full-time employment after the initial consulting contract is completed. The team from Tek Systems emphasized this allows candidates to try out a field or company before fully committing to a longer contract, and also gives more leverage in contract negotiations, as the company already knows your skill-sets. Tek Solutions doesn’t offer internship opportunities, but is looking to connect with students still completing their program for post-graduation opportunities.

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By Jack Lowery