Required Courses

Course descriptions and course offerings can be found in NYU’s Albert Course Search. Recent course pages are linked below. 

  1. DS-GA 1001 Introduction to Data Science
  2. DS-GA 1002 Probability and Statistics for Data Science
  3. DS-GA 1003 Machine Learning
  4. DS-GA 1004 Big Data
  5. DS-GA 1006 Capstone Project and Presentation
  6. One Data Science Elective (choose 1 from list below).
    1. DS-GA 1005 Inference and Representation
    2. DS-GA 1008 Deep Learning
    3. DS-GA 1011 Natural Language Processing with Representation Learning
    4. DS-GA 1012 Natural Language Understanding and Computational Semantics
    5. DS-GA 1013 Optimization-based Data Analysis
    6. DS-GA 1014 Optimization and Computational Linear Algebra

Track Courses

For more information, please visit the MS Curriculum page.

Pre-Approved Non-Center for Data Science General Elective Courses Starting Spring 2018

Below is a list of non-Center for Data Science electives that are pre-approved for Data Science graduate students starting in Spring 2018. Students wishing to take elective courses not on the list need to obtain approval. For approval, email the information below to Kathryn Angeles at

  • Course information
  • Course syllabus
  • Relevance of course to MSDS degree and goals
  • If available, course website

Note that some courses have prerequisites, which are not listed. You will need to consult the department website for such details. Often a search on “NYU” + the course name will lead to details for the course.

  • CSCI-GA 1170 Fundamental Algorithms
  • CSCI-GA 2433 Database Systems
  • MATH-GA 2751 Risk & Portfolio Management with Econometrics
  • CSCI-GA 2566 Foundations of Machine Learning
  • BIOL-GA 1127/CSCI-GA 2520 Bioinformatics & Genomes
  • CSCI-GA 3033 Special Topics Computer Science: Statistical Natural Language Processing
  • CS-GY 6003 Foundations of Computer Science
  • STAT-GB 2302 Forecast Time Series Data
  • STAT-GB 3383 Frequency Domain Time Series
  • STAT-GB 2301 Regression & Multivariate Data Analysis
  • INFO-GB 3391 Research Sem: Data Science with Foster Provost
  • Spring 2018 LING-GA 3340.001 Topic: Deep Learning in Semantics
  • Spring 2018 APSTA-GE 2062 Ethics of Data Science

Pre-Approved General Elective Courses For Fall 2017 – After Fall 2017, this list will no longer be valid.

A list of electives that were pre-approved for Data Science graduate students in Fall 2017 and prior semesters can be found here. This list is no longer valid.