CDS Academic Integrity Statement and Policy

All students, faculty, instructional staff, administrators, and individuals involved in the Center for Data Science must follow the academic integrity policies listed below. Academic integrity is a shared responsibility; therefore, all must make a serious commitment to academic integrity. The consequences of violating academic integrity are serious for those involved and for the Center as a whole. Particularly,

  • Faculty must define, communicate, and enforce academic integrity and collaboration policies for their courses.
  • Instructional staff must be alert for signs of academic integrity violations and report possible violations to the instructor.
  • Students are expected to adhere to all academic integrity policies. This includes communicating with other students in any way and/or use of any materials or technology not explicitly allowed by the instructor.

Academic Integrity for Students at NYU:

GSAS Statement on Academic Integrity:

Procedures and Policies

If an instructor suspects academic dishonesty, the instructor should contact the Director of Graduate Studies and the Manager of Academic Affairs. The Manager of Academic Affairs will then contact the student and meet with him or her to discuss the incident.

If an academic integrity violation is determined, penalties are set by the Director of Graduate Studies. Penalties for violations of the academic integrity policy are serious and swift. These penalties include failing the relevant course, having their case referred to GSAS, and termination from the program. All and any of these penalties may be enacted for a first offense.