The Center for Data Science hosts several seminar series of which you are encouraged to join.  If you are not an NYU student or employee and would like to attend, please contact Alicia Ocasio at with your full name, title of the seminar series, and date you would like to attend. Please provide at least 24 hours notice; if the event is on a Monday, please notify us by 12:00pm on the previous Friday.

The Text as Data Seminar

Expanding from its original emphasis on text data applied to social science applications, the Series incorporates the growing interest in Natural Language Processing from a variety of disciplines, especially Computer Science and Linguistics. The series provides an opportunity for attendees to see cutting-edge NLP and other text-as-data work from the fields of social science, computer science and other related disciplines.  The seminar is organized by Professors Arthur Spirling and Sam Bowman, and is open to anyone who is affiliated with NYU and wishes to attend.

Room: Open Space 7th floor, Center for Data Science, NYU, 60 5th ave.
Time: Thursdays from 4:00pm-5:30pm.

Text as Data Seminar Series Schedule.


The Math and Data (MaD) Seminar Series

The MaD seminar features leading specialists at the interface of Applied Mathematics, Statistics and Machine Learning.

Room: Auditorium Hall 150, Center for Data Science, NYU, 60 5th ave.
Time: Thursdays from 2:00pm-3:00pm, followed by Reception on the 7th floor.
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MaD Seminar Series Schedule.

Moore-Sloan Data Science Lunch Seminar

The Data Science Lunch Seminar Series is an informal weekly gathering of NYU Data Science affiliated persons to discuss data science related topics. Each week there is a 30 minute presentation, over lunch (provided), with additional time for conversation and questions.

Room: Open Space 7th floor, Center for Data Science, NYU, 60 5th ave.
Time: Wednesdays from 12:30pm-1:30pm.

Moore-Sloan Data Science Seminar Series Schedule. 


The Math and Democracy Seminar

The Math and Democracy Seminar features research on contact points between the mathematical sciences and the structure of democratic society. The purpose of the seminar is to stimulate mathematical activity on problems relating to democracy and to foster interdisciplinary collaboration between mathematicians and other scholars and democratic stakeholders.

Contact Ben Blum-Smith ( or Soledad Villar ( with any questions, including speaker suggestions, or to subscribe to the email list.

Workshop on Machine Learning for Network Data

The goal of this workshop is to discuss our incipient understanding of how we can take advantage of the underlying irregular structure of a graph signal to produce transformations that take advantage of the signal’s internal symmetries. In particular, we will cover advances on graph signal processing, graph neural networks, and graph scattering transforms.

Time: January 29th from 9:00am- 7:30pm.

Please see the official website for more information and agenda: