Abt Report

Abt Associates, which has contracted with the MSDSE since 2015, has released its culminating study of the initiative. Abt has studied each of the DSE institutions through site visits, surveys, interviews, etc during the first four years of the grant. This report is the product of those efforts, and aims to provide a framework of both the successes and failures of the DSEs for other data science institutions as they grow. It identifies a number of metrics which can be utilized to measure the effectiveness of various institutional strategies. The report may be found here: http://msdse.org/reports/.

A Sustainable Future

As the MSDSE transitions into its extension period, we see this shift not as a sunsetting of the activities we have established and built thus far, but as a bright and sustainable new future for the project. Over the course of several months we have used the invaluable feedback from members of the Moore-Sloan project determine our direction. We solicited an open call for budget spending proposals from the Moore-Sloan community at NYU, and were both humbled and overwhelmed to receive nearly 60 proposals, totaling over $3.1 million, for budget spending through the end of the grant. The Moore-Sloan efforts at NYU are far from complete, and we are looking forward to what we can expect in this next phase. We are therefore excited to announce to announce our new people and initiatives that will be joining the project this year, as well as expand our ever-continuing efforts toward sustainability:

Launch of the Data Science & Software Services (DS3)

One of the most significant new initiatives that we will be building over the next year and through the end of the grant is the Data Science & Software Services (DS3). With ongoing discussions for co-sponsorship with NYU Libraries and Research IT, CDS and the MSDSE are pleased to announce the launch of this exciting cross-disciplinary initiative. In late 2018 we solicited a comprehensive survey from various faculty members concerning their software needs, as well as funding capacity to address these needs. While NYU Libraries provides Data Services and Research IT provide services associated to computing infrastructure, neither provide services targeting data science methods or research software development needs: The DS3 will address this unmet need with dedicated personnel and incorporate CDS Masters students as Junior Data Scientists. In the coming months we will be developing an open system for the DS3 initiative in which faculty projects may be submitted on a rolling basis. The DS3 will function as a consultancy service for several selected projects at any given time.

Welcome to three new CDS/Moore-Sloan Fellows

We are pleased to welcome four new Fellows who will be joining CDS in Fall 2019. Three of the new fellows will be CDS/Moore-Sloan Fellows:

  • Anton Strezhnev, PhD Harvard 2018, Research Fellow U Penn – methodology and causal inference in international organizations, law, governance
  • Elena Balashova, PhD Princeton 2019 – visual understanding, neural nets in computer vision and medical imaging, digital humanities
  • Ilias Zadik, PhD MIT 2019 – probability, high dimensional statistics and machine learning

2019 Summit

The 6th (!!) Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment Summit will be held November 5-8, 2019 in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Since the MSDSE initiative began in 2013, these summits have been held annually around the country to bring together the original partners at the Moore Foundation, the Sloan Foundation, the University of Washington, New York University, and the University of California, Berkeley, as well as leading national members of the data science academic community. The summits have featured networking events, workshops, lightning talks, and more, placing early career and senior researchers together in an invaluable learning ecosystem. We can’t wait to see what we learn at this year’s summit!