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  • Richard Bonneau



    Systems biology and protein modeling.
  • Vasant Dhar

    Professor of Data Science; Professor of Information Systems; Director of Graduate Studies for Center for Data Science PhD Program
    Prediction; Data Mining; AI, Decision Making
  • Arthur Spirling

    Deputy Director of Center for Data Science; Associate Professor of Politics and Data Science; Director of Graduate Studies- M.S. in Data Science Program


    Research centers on quantitative methods for analyzing political behavior, and he is particularly interested in institutional development and the use of text-as-data.
  • Andres Borray

    Program Manager, Research Strategies and Outreach

  • Vicky Steeves

    Bobst Library Liaison


    Vicky Steeves is the Librarian for Research Data Management and Reproducibility, a dual appointment between NYU's Division of Libraries and Center for Data Science. Office hours are Mondays & Thursdays, 2-5pm, room 729. Make an appointment (30min slots, can book 2 in a row) 
  • Emily Mathis

    Program Manager, Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment