MS in Data Science – Non-Degree Program

The MS in Data Science Non-degree program is designed to assist professionals who are looking to develop their data science skills to augment their professional abilities, or to facilitate a career change. This program offers individuals the opportunity to enroll and receive credit as a non-degree student without committing to a full degree program.

Admission Requirements

The non-degree program is open to academically qualified persons who meet the same admission requirements necessary for the MS in Data Science degree program.  See here: Admissions Requirements

Non-degree students are permitted to apply to the degree program (please note that non-degree students may apply for and, if accepted, begin the MS in Data Science program in fall semesters only).  A new application may be required at the discretion of the admissions committee, and there is no guarantee that they will approve the transfer.

Please note that international applicants applying to the non-degree program, must have a visa. Please see the GSAS site for more policy information: NYU GSAS Visa Policies

Program Requirements

Non-degree students are allowed to enroll in courses for any academic term based on availability only after full-time student registration is complete, and may enroll for a maximum of 12 points of credit over no more than three consecutive semesters.   If a non-degree student ultimately enrolls in a degree program, courses taken at the Graduate School may sometimes, but not always, be credited towards the degree.

Non-degree students must meet all of the academic obligations of any course in which they enroll, unless previously discussed and approved by administration and instructor (e.g., approved audit). Students who do not meet the obligations may not be permitted to enroll in a subsequent term if these obligations have not been met.

GSAS does not permit students to participate in two programs simultaneously, but if you have already completed your study at another GSAS program, you are welcome to apply as a non-degree student to the Data Science program.

For further information, please visit the GSAS non-degree application site.  For deadline information, visit the Apply page.