Partners Program Diversity Initiative

“Whatever race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or disability, there is a place at CDS for everyone.”

–Richard Bonneau, Professor of Data Science, Biology, and Computer Science. 

The Center for Data Science (CDS) has set out to build a culture that embraces inclusion and diversity. These ideals are indispensable for advancing innovation and knowledge within the fields of technology, engineering, mathematics, and sciences.  The Diversity Initiative was established to help address the lack of diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups in Data Science.

Through this initiative, our objective to increase diversity in data science will be accomplished through the following: providing scholarships and financial support to students, funding research projects, providing travel funds to disseminate research at conferences and seminars, and hosting seminars to bring data scientists to CDS.

The inclusion of students with differing backgrounds leads to a higher quality of debate and ideas that may not be reached otherwise. Through the Diversity Initiative, you can be a leader in helping make the Center for Data Science excellent through diversity.

We invite you to help us achieve our goal of creating an inclusive and diverse student population. In addition to the benefits that our Partners Program members receive, our Diversity Partners will also have their logo placed prominently on this page and opportunities to collaborate with our social media team for potential student profiles (though regulations require students to provide permission). Please reach out to Andres Borray at for more information.

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